Multi Residentials

Fire Alarm multiresidential_complex

Your tenants trust you as the owner or manager of a multi unit residential unit and expect the upmost sense of security, comfort and safety. Fire detection and prevention is one of the most important reponsibilities you have to provide the expected comfort ad safety to your tenants. If you are building a new develpment or having problem with your exitsing systems we ca help you from design and installation to maintaining and trouble free operation of your systems. Having a properly tested and maintened fire alarm system is not only a code requirement but also a great responsible way of showing your current and prospective tenants that you care about their safety and well being. We can work with any type of fire alarm system in Chicago or any of it’s suburbs.

Our fast response time and experienced and well trained technicians are what we pride on and makes us different from many of the fire alarm companies around the Chicagoland. Our focus in the Chicago and its surrounding suburbs makes us very competent with every code requirements and provides the fast response time at very competitive prices. At US Fire Alarm systems we have over 40 years of experience and employ certifies technicians. When your safety is at risk you can not even wait for 1 day, we do provide a hour response time to all of our contract customers makeing sure you are covered day and night. Our 24 hour service every day of the year gives you the peace of mind. Contact us today to have one of our consultants to visit your site for a free review and consulting of your needs or requirements to provide the best security and safety for your tenants.